Hi, I'm Dan

I'm a software developer that likes to create cool stuff
From full stack web, to indie games, and server-side mods for minecraft

Minecraft Plugins

I've worked on all kinds of projects ranging from simple gameplay tweaks to entire minigames and themed server experiences

  • Server-side Minecraft mods written in Java using the Spigot API
  • Integration with SQL databases
  • Integration with REST APIs
  • Support for BungeeCord, as well as variations of Spigot and BungeeCord such as Paper and Waterfall

Game Development

From text adventure games and Tetris clones right through to online multiplayer beat em ups, I've a range of experience both technically and in terms of game design

  • Games written in Java using libGDX
  • libGDX, a cross-platform Java framework based on OpenGL
  • Integration with JSON and REST APIs
  • Rendering textures, models and animations both 2D and 3D with OpenGL
  • Networking with both UDP and TCP for real time multiplayer


Send me a message

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